Willow is a gorgeous Grey who has sadly passed, we spoke to her mum to get to know a little more about the beautiful Willow and share her legacy. 


Why did you decide to adopt a Willow?

"I fell in love with a greyhound on Instagram as we all know as 'Blue the grey', when I got back to Australia I put in a application with @greyhoundadoptionswa and then decided to visit them at a market, little did I know I would be meeting my soul dog Willow. Two weeks later she came home and I learnt everything I know today about greyhounds"

What was your favourite thing about Willow?  

"Willow was definitely a special girl I quite enjoyed the sass I got from her 😅 I loved coming home to Willow after work and watching her zoom around the yard it bought me instant happiness seeing her happy. I also loved her food obsession especially when she could hear a banana being peeled she would come running 🏃🏻‍♀️ I also loved her energetic side! I would always say I got a collie x kelpie stuck in a greyhounds body 😂"

What’s one thing you would tell someone thinking of adopting a Greyhound?

"Do it! They are such a special and resilient breed and will make you laugh everyday with their antics! You also meet some amazing people who are part of this community."

Do you have any other messages or stories from Willows life, or about Greyhound racing that you would like to share?

"There are many greyhounds waiting to come into foster care at the moment to find their forever home, you won’t be disappointed bringing a long dog into your life. Fostering or adopting a greyhound is extremely rewarding and you get to show them the life they deserve you also get to be part of a pretty amazing community and make friends with other greyhound owners including birthday and gotcha day walks! This is something which I absolutely love about the greyhound community ♥️"

Willow's mum has recently let a new hound Chippy into her home to continue sharing her life with these beautiful souls we know as Greyhounds. Check out their Instagram @sassy_miss_willow to follow Willow's legacy and Chippy's adventures.