As you know, here at Happy Boi we are part of the Anti Greyhound Racing Club! This new blog serious will explore the lives of some of our favourite rescue grey's and fellow Anti Greyhound Racing club 'members' so we can learn about our community and share more about Greyhounds as pets. 

Our first interview-ee is Loki and his hoomum. Loki is a Greyhound from Sydney, Australia, and has an adorable senior brother called Nugget! 

Greyhound and Staffy on the beach with their mum

Why did you decide to adopt a Greyhound? We know Greyhounds make amazing pets, but what made you decide to open your home and heart for Loki? "We decided to adopt a greyhound because we truly think they’re the most amazing breed. They’re so gentle, sensitive & strong!"

Loki is super adorable, does he have any cute or quirky habits? "Our favourite thing about Loki is his sweet personality that shows when he carry’s his teddies around the house in his mouth." 

Blue greyhound on grass

What would you say to someone thinking of rescuing a Greyhound? "Be prepared to fall deeply in love with the breed." We totally agree - the more you learn about Greyhounds, the more of their gentle nature and quirky personality you love! 

We already know you're a part of the Anti Greyhound Racing Club, what message would you like to spread through being a part of the community? "The anti-racing community is something so special! When rescuing Loki, we had no idea that we would make some of the greatest friends through the community. Not only are they great friends but we all join in unison for a greater cause! Oh, and you find yourself excitedly saying “GREYHOUND” every time you spot one in public now!"


We hoped you loved learning a little bit about Loki, Nugget and their hoomum! Keep your eyes peeled for the next club member 💚