Did you know most commercial pet treats are packed with nasties to reduce costs, extend their shelf life and to prevent spoilage during long periods of transportation? No wonder they aren't good for your dog! Keep reading to find out 3 benefits of feeding natural dog treats.

No additives

Sometimes beautiful packaging can mislead you into believing that some dog treats are healthy and natural - but that’s often not the case. The best way to know which dog treats are actually healthy for your dog, is to check the ingredients list. When reading ingredients lists, look for a short list, with fully identifiable ingredients such as 100% Dried beef liver - as opposed to a list that is 20 ingredients long, half of which you can't pronounce! Natural dog treats are made with fresh ingredients, and do not contain artificial additives found in other treats which are used to enhance flavour and colour. High quality ingredients and proper processing such as dehydration, do not require additional colours of flavours. 

Better dental health

Natural Dog Treats can be beneficial for your dog’s health in a number of ways. The use of quality ingredients can contribute to improved dental care. Natural treats do not have any added sugars or fillers, therefore reduce the risk of plaque build up.

     The act of chewing on a natural dog treat such as a Bully Stick will also help clean your dogs teeth by dislodging any stuck food, and removing new plaque. The salivary glands are stimulated and more saliva is created. What you may not have known is that dog saliva has amazing antibacterial properties, which when combined with the 'scrubbing' effect of chewing, can help to control plaque build up. Natural treats like bully sticks are also rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorous, which promote strong, healthy teeth!

    Improved digestion
    Artificial additives or low-quality fillers found in commercial dog treats may upset your dog’s stomach.  Single ingredient treats can improve your dogs digestion! Because there are no added preservatives, fillers or colours in these treats, they allow for a healthy digestion and maintenance of a healthy weight.

    Now that you know Natural Dog Treats are the best for your pets - here's some of our favourite brands!

    Bare Dog Treats

    Our favourite natural dog treat brand has to be Bare Dog Treats! They're a small, Australian owned business that stocks a wide range of single ingredient dog treats. Bare Dog Treats started as owner Katy's dog was beginning to notice signs of ageing in her 9 year old Alaskan Malamute, Kenzie. After researching the best diet for dogs, and what to avoid, Katy noticed that commercial treats more often than not were laden with fillers and nasty chemicals. The final straw was that most treats are imported, and irradiated before arriving into Australia! Bare Dog Treats use pure ingredients, are reasonably priced (thanks to their local supply chain!) and have super fast service. We love their Beef Trainers! These treats are the perfect companion for obedience training as they are small enough for rewards, but packed full of natural beef flavour! They are easy on your pups stomach and have chickpea flour as a healthy flour replacement, which also boosts protein and adds fibre to your dogs diet.

    Bare Dog Treats - Natural treats for dogs

    We highly recommend Bare Dog Treats! You can find them on their website, or Instagram.


    Dryazabone is another small Australian business based in Melbourne. They have a great selection of single ingredient plant based dog treats. Why plant based? These plant based treats are a great way to get micronutrients into your dogs diet, and the perfect option for a low calorie treat if you are having to watch your dogs waist line. They are a great addition to a balanced diet, and if you feed raw never fear - they are dehydrated! 

    Dryazabone plant based dog treats

    You can treat your pup with Dryazabone dog treats here!

    Laila and Me

    Laila and Me is a Brisbane based, Australian natural dog treat company! Laila and Me started from the owner needing to do a food elimination diet to find the source of their dog Laila's allergies. When reading the back of packets for allergens, they were shocked at the ingredients in commercial dog treats. This drove them to set out and make their own range of 100% healthy dog treats. Laila and Me is one of our go to healthy alternative's to preservative-filled commercial treats.

    Freeze dried roo treats natural dog treats

    They even have their own DIY Dog friendly Gummy Bear kit! How fun!
    You can shop Laila and Me treats here.