As you know, here at Happy Boi we are part of the Anti Greyhound Racing Club! Today we bring you the second instalment for our blog series exploring the lives of some of our favourite grey's and fellow Anti Greyhound Racing Club 'members' so we can learn about our community and share more about Greyhounds as pets!

Today's interview-ee is Kitt and his hoomum. Kitt is a adorable Greyhound from Brisbane, Australia, and is a vocal advocate for ending Greyhound racing. 

White greyhound called Kitt wearing anti greyhound racing bandana

What was it that made you decide to adopt a Greyhound? "I can't really remember. We didn't really know that much about greyhounds and were pretty oblivious to the greyhound racing industry. One day we just read up on greyhounds and found that they were generally low energy couch potatoes and we were smitten from then." Greyhounds make awesome pets for many reasons, and this is just one of them! We can relate learning more about the racing industry after falling in love with the breed.

What is your favourite thing about Kitt? Aside from how cute he is of course! "Probably how cuddly he is now. He's always searching for ear scratches and shoving his face in your crotch for pats. Whenever we go on walks with other greyhounds he's always rubbing his face on the other humans to get pats". Sounds adorable, we know if we saw Kitt walking on the street we would stop and give him all the pats he wanted!

What’s one thing you would tell someone thinking of adopting a Greyhound? "Patience is the most important thing. I cannot say that enough. We struggled with some behavioural issues early on and so many times thought about returning Kitt to the rescue but we stuck with it and it was so so worth it. If you give a greyhound love, time, and patience, you'll be rewarded with such a beautiful loving dog. Kitt has become so much more loving, relaxed and confident in the last 2 years and I'm excited for him to keep growing." Thats so great to hear you have helped Kitt blossom into his loving and relaxed personality! 

Do you have any other messages to share about Kitt or the racing industry?  "First I just want to say that greyhound racing (and any industry that exploits animals for money) is absolutely disgusting and we will never stop fighting until it ends. We've seen the effects first hand that the racing industry has on these dogs. Kitt still has injuries from the industry (lucky they don't bother him too much) and the emotional trauma he has clearly suffered at the hands of the industry makes me so sad. Adopting Kitt is the best thing we've ever done and we love him to death, but we'll never forgive the racing industry for the 4 years they stole from us that we could have spent with our beautiful boy." We are so glad that Kitt is now safe in your home, living his best life as a loved pet. 

We hoped you loved learning a little bit about Kitt and his hoomum! Keep your eyes peeled for the next club member 💚