Recently Happy Boi collaborated with Bellaboo - an adorable, fun loving frenchie - and her mum to create an exclusive dog bandana print! We had a little Q&A with Bella's mum, here's how it went.

White Frenchie wearing a green gingham Happy Boi x Bellaboo collaboration tie on dog bandana

 Bellaboo the Frenchie wearing the Happy Boi x Bellaboo collaboration dog bandana.

Q: How did you decide on a theme for the bandana?

A: The theme is very much inspired by Bella’s larger than life personality! We also want to dedicate the design to other cheeky, fun loving pups. They may push our buttons every now and then, but they fill our lives with so much joy and laughter. -

Q: What was your favourite part of the process?

A; We can’t pick a favourite part! We enjoy the entire process, and it was so fun imagining what Bella would like and choose during each step. We’ve been representing Happy Boi since the very early days of our Instagram journey, and it has a special place in our heart. It was a wonderful experience being able to create something fun together!


brussels griffon wearing Happy Boi x Bellaboo recycled polyester dog bandanas in green gingham and sassy hearts

Jellybean and Twig from @jellybean.thegrif rocking their recycled polyester Bellaboo collab dog bandanas. Both wear a size S, in the tie on style.

Q: How did you choose the phrases that went in the hearts?

A: It’s a mix of who Bella is (big ears worst listener!) and what she would say if she could talk.


Happy boi x frenchie bellaboo collab recycled polyester dog bandana print

A close up of the Happy Boi x Bellaboo recycled polyester dog bandana print!

Q: Whats the sassiest thing Bella has ever done?

A: There are just too many - talking back when we tell her off; giving us side eyes and ignoring us if we have the audacity to ask her to do things without treats; rolling on her back and lying down to make us carry her when she’s done with walking, and many more. She’s definitely a free thinker and makes her own rules (unless you bribe her with food!).

The HAPPY BOI X BELLABOO collab dog bandana will be on sale from 6pm AEST tomorrow, 26/10/21