Meet Happy Boi brand ambassador Rupert - he is the handsomest boi! Rupert is a Greyhound from NSW who loves sharing his life on Insta you can find Rupert @rupert_thegreyhound). We had a short interview with Rupert's mum to get to know him better!
Rupert the Greyhound Happy Boi ambassador
@rupert_thegreyhound relaxing on their hoo-mums bed!
What breed is Rupert? Rupert is a Greyhound of course! Greyhounds are one of the most ancient breeds, said to originate from Egypt, and have been prized throughout history. Greyhounds are gentle and love nothing more than relaxing on the lounge. Unfortunately they are often involved in racing - which is something Rupert, and we at Happy Boi are strongly against. There is lots of information available online about the horrors of the industry and action you can take, please check out our friends over at:

Rupert and some of our other hound friends on Instagram share lots of valuable information, and show how Greyhounds make amazing pets!

What does Rupert love to do? Rupert loves "to go to the dog park (we call it the ‘puppy park’)". How cute is that! Who else loves heading to the dog park?
Rupert the Greyhound wearing a Happy Boi dog bandana
@rupert_thegreyhound Rupert looking handsome as always!
What’s his favourite treat? “Chicken treats (and bacon in moderation!)” Yummo! Henry loves chicken too. What's your dogs' favourite treat? Check out our natural dog treat range - we’ve got something for every pup!
Favourite Happy Boi product? “My rainbow lead! I’ve had so many compliments on it and I love that it’s got extra length, compared to other brands" Rupert loves our 3 in 1 rainbow dog leash, check out all our fun colour ways here. They can be worn so many different ways, including hands free!

Dog rope leash
What Rupert's funniest personality trait?  "When Rupert has been left alone for a few hours, he does this weird howl/talking sound when we first come home. We can’t make him do it at any other time." That sounds so cute, he must just be so excited for his pawrents to be home!

Greyhound wearing Happy Boi dog bandana
Blue is definitely @rupert_thegreyhound 's colour!
And what’s his worst habit?  "Being a typical Greyhound Kleptomaniac and moving everything onto his bed, so he then can’t lay down on it 😅🙄" Oh dear Rupert! I guess he has to sleep on your bed now!
And finally, what’s your best tip for fellow dog parents? "Focus more on the positive things your dog does! And of course, give them lots of cuddles!" This is such good advice! Sometimes when our fur babies are a little naughty, we need to think of all the love and happiness they give us!

Rupert the Greyhound Happy Boi ambassador

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks to meet all of our ambassadors! We know you’ll love them as much as we do.