Meet Happy Boi brand ambassadors Floyd and Frankie - they are next level cute! They are an aesthetic duo from SA who love sharing their adventures on the ‘gram (you'll find them on Insta @double.dogue). We had a short interview with Floyd and Frankie’s mum to get to know them better!

dogue de bordeaux dog bandana ambassadors
@double.dogue relaxing on their hoo-mums bed!

What breed are Floyd and Frankie? Floyd and Frankie are both Dogue de Bordeaux’s. What’s a Dogue de Bordeaux you say? Dogue de Bordeaux, or Dogue for short, is an ancient giant dog breed from France. Back in their working days in the 12th century, they were using on French Estates as hunting dogs, to hunt pigs, boar, wolves, and bears. These days, you can find them as pets who love to be around their family! They will protect their family and house if threatened, but are great with children and babies alike. 

What do Floyd and Frankie love to do? In their spare time, they love going to the beach to run and play in the sand and water! Who doesn’t? 

dogue de Bordeaux at the beach
@double.dogue Frankie at the beach!

What’s their favourite treat? “Anything seafood is their fave!” What's your dogs' favourite treat? Check out our natural dog treat range - we’ve got something for every pooch!
Favourite Happy Boi product? “The snoop bandana for sure!” Check out Frankie looking super cool in her Snoop recycled polyester dog bandana!

dogue de Bordeaux wearing a dog bandana
@double.dogue Frankie in her Snoop dog bandana

What is their cutest quirk? The funniest quirk for Frank is when her lip gets stuck on her underbite (how adorable!), and Floyds’ funniest is when he licks the back door when we’re eating dinner. Who’s hungry?!
dogue de Bordeaux wearing dog bandanas
@double.dogue Floyd and Frankie wearing their Happy Boi dog bandanas in Kiwi!

And what’s their worst habit? Frankie’s worst habit would be when she sits on Floyds head for attention… and Floyds’ is definitely pulling the plants out the garden bed and putting them in the middle of the lawn! Who else thinks Floyd was a gardener in his past life?!
Last one, what’s your best tip for fellow dog parents? “My best tip would be being consistent and fair!” Training is all about consistency!

Dogue de Bordeaux on the beach
@double.dogue Floyd enjoying the water

How adorable are Floyd and Frankie! Their Mum is super cool too - she owns her own small business aptly named after the two pooches. Check out her dried flower arrangements here at Floyd and Frankie. 
Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks to meet all of our ambassadors! We know you’ll love them.