Bella is a fun loving, sassy, energy filled pup and we love keeping up with her on Instagram! Find out more about our dog ambassador Bella below!

Why did you start an Instagram account for Bella?
“At first, I just didn’t want to use my personal account and spam my friends with Bella’s photos and videos! Eventually, through Bella’s account I have connected with many dog parents and found a supportive and loving community - this is not something I expected when I first started Bella’s account but definitely something that keeps me and the account going.” We love this answer, and totally agree that one of the best things about Instagram is creating a supportive community of like minded dog parents - not to mention getting to look at cute pictures of dogs all day!

Bella the Frenchie wearing Happy Boi dog bandana

What kind of breed is Bella? Bella is a French Bulldog! French Bulldog’s otherwise known as Frenchie’s have a long history of being a companion dog. They are super affectionate and friendly and have a unique appeal. Lets learn a little more about Bella the French Bulldog…

What’s Bella’s favourite thing to do? “Bella is very social. She loves going to daycare (Canine Clubhouse Thomastown) and doing zoomies with her friends.” Bella has such a fun life! We love keeping up with her adventures. 
Frenchie wearing Happy Boi Brunch With Me dog bandana

What’s Bella’s Favourite treat? “She likes everything [what dog doesn’t]! But she has a sensitive stomach so we have to be careful and make sure the treats are natural with no fillers or other nasties”. So many dogs have sensitive stomachs, and we always like giving our pups what is best for them. This means healthy, natural dog treats! Check out our range of natural dog treats to surprise your pup!

Favourite Happy Boi Product? “The Brunch with Me Bandana! We love the bright and creative print and its eco-friendly up-cycled material. It really ticks all the boxes.” Check out how cute Bella is in her Brunch With Me bandana!

French bulldog wearing Happy Boi dog bandana made from recycled polyester

What is Bella’s Funniest personality trait? “She is very opinionated and can’t keep her feelings and thoughts to herself. She howls, barks or whines loudly to make a point. We even have an Instagram story highlight featuring her ted talks!” Check out Bella’s Instagram stories to keep up with her adorable ted talks! They are so funny, and way too cute!

What is Bella’s worst habit? “She thinks everyone loves her and wants to play with her. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and we are working hard to teach her to respect other people/doggos’ space and divert her focus back to us.” And you’re doing such a good job! We love that you share these things on Bella’s account - it really shows the reality of owning a dog, and that everyone has their challenges. 

Frenchie bellaboo Happy Boi dog ambassador

Finally, what’s your best tip for dog parents! “As much as I love spoiling Bella with new outfits and toys, I know for her to be truly happy and fulfilled, she needs leadership, mental and physical stimulation, socialisation, and a good diet - these are the things we will always prioritise and put conscious efforts into.” We totally agree, and we love seeing sneak peeks into Bella’s training and diet on her Instagram, it’s a great way to get new ideas for our own pup!

You’ll find Bella at @frenchie.bellaboo on Instagram. Go give her a follow to keep up with her cute antics!